Luxurious waxing treatments at Highlands Day Spa. The Highlands Day Spa offers a variety waxing services for women and men. Silky, smooth skin is just a wax away! All service times listed are based on “hands-on time,” and does not include time spent in the sauna. <<Download Waxing Price Sheet>>

 Any of the following treatments can have a rehydrating massage added at any time. You can always add extra massage time to any of our services if you wish.

INDULGE… Your Fabulous Spa-Ahhhhh experience awaits you!

Waxing  | Facial

Brow Maintenance $12
Nostrils $12
Upper Lip $10
Brow and Lip $20
Brow, Lip and Nostrils $30
Chin $12
Cheeks $25
Chin and Cheeks $32
Chin, Cheeks and Lip $40

Waxing  | Body

Underarms $20
Lower Arms (forearm) $25
Bikini Area $45
Thighs $35
Lower Leg (knee to ankle) $30
Full Leg (thigh to ankle) $60
Top of Feet and Toes $12

Waxing  | Men’s Services

Between Brows $6
Full Brow $12
Nostrils $12
Chest From $30
Abdomen From $50
Half Back (upper and lower back) $20
Full Back (includes neck and upper arms) $48