Tips to Having the Best Massage Experience

Tips to Having the Best Massage Experience

The certified expert massage therapists at Highlands North Day Spa are committed to giving you the best massage experience every time. Experience the therapeutic, handcrafted and personalized massages that we are known for by scheduling your next massage at your local Highlands location (Post Falls and Sandpoint).

When you finally decide to commit to routine massage therapy sessions, you are ultimately committing to a lifestyle that focuses on your overall health and wellness. To make sure that you’re getting the best massage every time, Highlands North Day Spa suggests implementing the following helpful tips to enhance your massage therapy experience.


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Here are some Great Tips to make sure you get the Best Massage Experience!

Setting Expectations – Identifying what you want to get out of your massage – whether it be relaxation or rehabilitation – BEFORE your appointment can make a huge difference on whether or not you come out satisfied or disappointed. Knowing what you hope to achieve with your massage therapy will increase the likelihood of an excellent experience.Experience DOES Count – If you haven’t already been referred, know someone who is a massage therapist or have already “Googled” the list of therapists near you, make sure you do your research first to determine what expertise and experience they offer and whether or not they will suit your needs. Read reviews, ask around and contact the local studios in your area to find out if they are licensed, skilled and sufficient experience with massage therapy so you can be reassured they know what they’re doing!

Communication is Key – Communicating with your therapist before your session about how you feel, your medical history and what you expect from them, will help to keep your session focused on your specific goals with a higher chance of achieving them.

Arrive Early – Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to give yourself time to prepare your mind and body for the session.

Unplug from the World – Leave your devices and technology behind! Getting a massage is one of the few places where you can and MUST push distractions aside to get the best results. Clear your mind by leaving your phone and electronic devices in your car or at home so you can literally unplug during your session.

Hydrate Appropriately – It is extremely important to drink plenty of water before and after your appointment.

Remember to Breathe – Taking long, relaxing breaths from your abdomen helps you relax mentally as well as physically, helping your muscles relax as your therapist works out your body’s stiffness and tightness.

Give Your Therapist Feedback – Your massage sessions should be tailored around your specific needs, so make sure to tell your therapist throughout your massage whether he/she is focusing on your tight areas, providing the right amount of pressure and focusing on your goals.

Find Your Comfort Zone – Whether you prefer dimmer lights, a heated table or a particular kind of music, everything about your massage should be focused on making you comfortable and feeling good.

Give Yourself Time – Schedule extra time after your massage to relax and recuperate your mind and body before you head back into the hustle and bustle of life.